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Why start a new chapter

We are committed to providing a positive Non-collegiate Greek experience to your city. We are dedicated to ongoing sorority growth and are excited that you would like to express interest in your city. We welcome all preliminary conversations with all interested parties. 

Below you will find all interested new chapter eligibility requirements and a step-by-step guide to bring Delta Zeta Psi Sorority, Inc. to your city. 

Interest Chapter Eligibility

Individual Requirements
  • Understands and agrees to Financial obligations.

  • Minimum of 4 service hours

  • individual application

  • Completion of an interview with the President

  • Completion of background check

  • letter of recommendation

Interest Chapter Requirements
  • Minimum of three eligible women

  • Host a sisterhood event- with new members

  • Each member must be listed on the Chapter application.

Interest Meeting
  • Each member must attend an interest meeting. 

Step 1
Check to see our location

Check Website to see what chapter are established already.

If we are located near you please apply to join that chapter. 

Step 3 
Interest/Information Meeting

All ladies must attend Meeting to fully understand the process to cross over into Delta Zeta Psi Sorority. 

Step 2
Contact us about your interest to start a chapter

We are so excited you are interested in bringing Delta Zeta Psi Sorority, Inc. to your City Please complete the form.

Interested women will work to recruit more women. If three or more women have expressed interest by the deadline. Then we can move to the next process. 

Step 4
Individual and interested group evaultions

We will review applications and conduct interviews with each individual within the Chapter.

Start a New Chapter
How many interested women do you have?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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Step 5


The Expansion Team will decide who we will extend an invite to start the new chapter process with us. Chosen women will have to demonstrate values and standards of passions, character, financial respondsibility, and leadership ability among others. 

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Step 6

Complete New Member Process

Selected women will then be given the opportunity to participate in our Charter Member Process, which last approxately 8 weeks. The purpose of this process is to help familiarize yourself with our history, values and prepare you to be a contributing member of our Sorority. 

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