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Our Mission

Bring together women that inspire to make a difference in our communities, create a professional environment for businesswomen, and promote self-love. Our sisterhood helps build, encourage, support relationships with individuals with the same mind set.


Our Vision

Grow our sisterhood into successful, powerful, hardworking, and passionate people. To be pillars in our community through volunteer work and our leadership abilities. Offer a solid foundation for young women to follow our positive examples of empowering all Women.

Our Purpose

Unite and create a sisterhood of trust, respect, and love. To foster everlasting bonds amongst sisters and community. To promote healthy lifestyle management both physically and mentally. Encouraging one another to pursue our dreams, desires, and goals to the fullest extent.


Message From Our President

Welcome to Delta Zeta Psi Sorority!

Founded with a vision of empowering exceptional women, we are a close-knit family that values sisterhood, scholarship, service, and leadership. Through enriching experiences, philanthropy, and academic support, we nurture well-rounded individuals who make a positive impact.


Embracing diversity and unity, we invite you to join our vibrant sisterhood and be a part of this extraordinary journey. Together, we can make a difference and celebrate the power of womanhood.

Kadesha Pierce

Founder & President of Delta Zeta Psi Sorority

Our Virtues


Tokens are special symbols that hold significant meaning within our sorority. They represent important qualities, values, and traditions that define who we are as a group.

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