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Do You Have Questions?

  • Is this a real Sorority?
    Yes, Delta Zeta Psi Sorority was Incorporated in the State of Georgia on June 9, 2022.
  • What is Delta Zeta Psi Sorority ?
    We are an organization that has a true sisterhood that promotes self-love, and service to our community.
  • Who can join DZP?
    Delta Zeta Psi Sorority does not select members based on race, ethnicity, age, degree, or career level. All women who are interested in our sisterhood are encouraged to apply.
  • What is our mission?
    Bring together women that inspire to make a difference in our communities, create a professional environment for businesswomen, and promote self-love. Our sisterhood helps build, encourage, and support relationships with individuals with the same mindset.
  • Do I have to be in college to be a member of DZP?
    No, there are many different opportunities to become a member. Education is important but we accept all forms of secondary education.
  • What is the starting age for membership?
    To seek membership, you must be at least 21 to join.
  • How do I become a Member?
    1. You can sign up on our mailing list and this subscription will send out very important information about our membership process. 2. Follow us on all our social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) 3. Attend our Interest meeting. Interest meetings are held a few times a year. 4. Apply. DZP will review all applications and decision letters will be sent to each applicant notifying them of their status on becoming a member. If you are accepted into our sorority, you will receive instructions on your next step.
  • Does Delta Zeta Psi Sorority have a pledge process?
    Yes. Pledging is a way to build bonds between new and existing members. AT NO TIME IS HAZING OF ANY KIND TO ANY MEMBER OF OUR ORGANIZATION.
  • What if I belong to another Greek organization, am I still eligible for membership?
    No, if it is a non-collegiate Greek organization. Yes, if it is any other Greek organization, you are still eligible for membership (ex. honor society i.e.)
  • Does it cost to join Delta Zeta Psi Sorority?
    Yes. We understand the standards in our daily living and balancing finances, so we are pleased to say our membership is at a reasonable cost. We also offer options that may work for our members. The financial obligation is an initial non-refundable application fee, a one-time initiation fee, and annual membership dues.
  • What do we look for in potential new members?
    We are committed to making a big impact on our history. So, we are looking for professional women who have high standards, quality morals, hardworking, dedicated leaders, and women who are not afraid to make a difference in our community.
  • Who is eligible to join Delta Zeta Psi (DZP) sorority?
    DZP’s inclusive membership policy welcomes women of all backgrounds and does not discriminate hased on race, ethnicity, age, degree, or career level. We invite all women aged 21 and above who share an interest in our sisterhood to apply.

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